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september: back to work

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I’ll be honest, somewhere mid June, I lost all motivation for my professional life. Instagram bored me, all my content felt mundane  and I struggled to look at a computer for more than five minutes without wanting to sleep. Real life was deliciously full and I was distracted. The heat too here in Spain made me sluggish, it stole my edge, my desire to create anything melted into the humidity. It’s not something I wanted to express online mostly because I feared I’d never be energetic about work again and then what would I do? In my decade of blogging, I’ve always managed to maintain an enthusiasm, and for the first time ever, it was gone. Forced creativity is the most frustrating pursuit I’ve ever wrestled through. To put it simply, my work made me uncomfortable. So I stepped away, I was working but it was labourious in the way work is when it’s devoid of passion. I was both concerned and bored, which is the strangest pairing of emotions. For my final summer trip to Ibiza, I decided to refrain from posting anything online for 10 days straight. And strangely enough when I came back, I was ready and invigorated to work again. Summer was so full and it started for me back in May, I have enough stories to fill a book, and all the kind that could never appear on instagram. But as soon as my mind adjusted to autumn, I was back. So here I am in full force with a full schedule, infinite energy and enough creative ideas to keep me going until at least next spring.

featuring: the henry london richmond watch

It felt appropriate to kick off September with Henry London, a faithful favourite of mine. With so much to do and a full schedule in Paris ahead, I need every reminder I can get that time is simply not enough. Funny how just a few days ago, the hours were inching along languidly by the beach and now I’m sprinting through a schedule with Gazelle speed. I like this tiny little watch with it’s chocolate brown strap. So often, I watch bloggers awkwardly ramble about a product they love when often I think simply stating you enjoy something will suffice. So I like this watch and I like how it looks against all the warmer tones in these photos, colours that feel cosy to me and remind me that autumn is but a beat away. I’m simply grateful that as time moves forward, my mind too has adjusted back to happy work mode. If you had asked me a few weeks ago about September, I would have complained with dread. Let my little watch remind you that time ebbs and flows and with it, so do we. I certainly did.


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