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in a hurry with henry

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Time, there is absolutely not enough of it lately. I’ve even been forced to surrender sleep so that the clock bends in my favour. No exagerration, Wednesday night was sleepless with the exception of the accidental 45 minute nap I took on my floor at 5 am. The days fade so fast, each a havoc in themselves.  I cannot keep up. I know we all as bloggers claim to be busy, I suppose many of us are but my schedule is especially crowded because my income is collected from many digital corners of this world we call the internet. Frankly and finacially speaking, I could very comfortably live off the income Frassy generates but I am both too greedy and too ambitious to give up my other ventures too. So here I am faithfully burning the candle at both ends, and not unhappy to do so because people pay me to do what I love. I am a very lucky, very tired woman. Ofcourse, coffee is my fuel and the cafe by my house provides the required table and sunshine necessary for the meetings I’ve been madly dashing to and from.  And I can’t go anywhere without my Henry London watch, especially as I’m dealing with an iphone with the power of an old AA battery, which means it gives up before lunch and with so little time, I must know the time, at well, all times. They say a watched clock never ticks, I only wish that were the case for me. Because here we are, Henry and I, always in a hurry.

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My oufits have been fairly impressive too, I can say this because more-often-than-not I favour the siganture freelancer sweatpants;  a style you will be very familiar with if you follow my videos via instagram stories. So,  a consistently chic wardrobe every morning for a few weeks feels like an accomplishment. I have been experimenting with both layering and draping, it’s a skill I think I’m improving on. Officially, I will be draping my body all summer long with the same zealous an interior designer decorates curtains… accessorizing with an abundance of gold jewellery, freckles and a tan I hope deepens from latte to espresso shade.  Henry isn’t going anywhere either, there are big plans for the season ahead and we are diving right in together. I could not live without a watch because that’s the thing with summer, one moment,  it’s on the brink of beginning and suddenly it’s over. I plan to make the most of the months to come, there is a lot of work and a lot of fun, straight ahead…


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