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a jewellery journal: christmas jewels

Friday, December 16, 2016
jewels for the adored this christmas

It is no secret, I adore gold jewellery, it’s all I wear, and so, for my next chapter in an ongoing segment I long ago called ‘my jewellery journal’, I decided to curate a collection of jewels perfect for christmas gifting this season. Now, so many jewellery options are either too cheap in that they tarnish or leave strange green hues on skin or simply too expensive to afford.  Adore, a brand by the ever iconic Swavorksi,  seems to m,  the perfect option, their pieces are luxurious,  all less than 100 euros and come packaged in the most charming monochrome little boxes. The brand’s name itself is quite symbolic of their intentions: jewellery to be adored for adored women. As a resolute feminist, there aren’t many man-woman traditions I agree with, but I will always cherish the one of a man gifting a woman jewellery, the scene from Pretty Woman instantly comes to mind.  Something  small and delicate to sit on her skin feels  sexy and romantic to me. It beats socks for sure, we want gold  dangling from our ears, wrists and necks not wool for our toes, please. I think most women would agree and so without further ado, voila my favourite choices from Adore, which I hope you adore as much as I do.

featured here: adore brillance soft square lock bracelet, adore allure nugget & pave bangle, adore allure skinny pave & stone bangle, adore elegance pave arc jacket earrings, adore elegance geometric shapes necklace, adore allure beaded crossing ring & adore elegance pave coil ring 


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