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a holiday party at home

Thursday, December 15, 2016

celebrating at home

While the holiday season might pull us from our sofas to soirees and parties, I advocate for at least one event at home too. The champagne is cheaper and between your own four walls lies the liberty of the very fun outlet called confetti. I’m not one for commerical night clubs nor the posers that opt for ‘bottle service’ (queue eyeroll), so I say irritate your neighbours for one night of fun with friends, who like you are probably strapped for cash after over spending on presents. You could insist on a ‘metallic’ dress code. You could repeat play the Nashville Christmas soundtrack. You could smirk as you serve homemade cake (secretly bought from a bakery , hey, ovens are confusing). But those are just my recommendations, a party planner I am far from, but I do operate under the suspicion that the more planning, the less fun. Spontaneity usually results in the best time. So should you shy away from organized events like I do, grab a bag of confetti and simply invite a handful of friends over, believe me, that duo is ample preparation for fun. Sweeping it all up afterwards? Not exactly enjoyable but the mess is worth the laughs.

what i’m wearing: primark  gold dress, primark gold
court heels & primark black & gold star clutch

Partywear is essentially a requirement this time of year, December is the one month my life actually demands dressing up – the rest of the year I do so by choice and even then, most days effort can be lacking. However, festively speaking, the dress code is a little more glitzy, typically in the form of dresses and jumpsuits we might not wear but once for a Christmas occasion to then be shoved away somewhere after the new year arrives. I advocate for Primark, this entire ensemble cost less than the bottle of bubbles in hand here. Buy a few dresses, affordably and should you not want to wear them again after the Holidays, no guilt because you didn’t overspend, thus leaving your remorse more aptly channelled into the inevitable failure of 2017 resolutions. Mine seem to grow more ludicrous as I age, in fact I won’t be surprised if I resolve, after a month of eating whatever I please, to in 2017, go to the gym 3 times a day. It will never happen but I bet I’ll foolishly make that over-ambitious promise to myself. But until that day of recokning, could you pass the chocolate, oh and pop out for another bottle of moet, will you? There is confetti to be thrown. I’m not wearing this glitzy dress for nothing.


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