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Monday, October 24, 2016
what i’m wearing: my bandage dress sas halter nude bodysuit & mila latte skirt
what i’m wearing: my bandage dress gigi black dress
what i’m wearing: my bandage dress candice nude dress

Ever wished you had occasions in life that demanded a little more effort than normal? My life in Barcelona severely lacks those kinds of events. I’m a woman that enjoys dressing up, not weekly, not even every weekend, but from time to time, I do want to unravel the boob tape, slip into something tight, wear 10 shades of mascara and highlighter heavier than a disco ball. I spend so much time at the gym, and often I think, I should be flaunting my hard work. I won’t be young forever and here I am, living in this body I’m proud of, why not showcase my assets from time to time? I usually face these sorts of thoughts when I’m getting ready for a casual dinner out, wondering whether heeled boots might be too ‘dressy’ for   a restaurant where the majority of the clientele will be wearing flip flops. Eyeroll. Truthfully, I love those casual dinners but I do yearn for a night or two at one of those fancy restaurant-bars, where champagne and dessert are pricey but as crucial as the heels on every woman’s feet. There is something very empowering to me about a group of females, out at night dressed to the nines; because they look pretty and alive but best of all? They know it.

A woman who believes herself to beautiful is in itself a beautiful thing. And if that takes a tight dress or intricate makeup,  so be it. We live in a world that bullies us daily into believing we are ugly, so a woman strutting around is awesome. I hope you do it. And if, like me, your yearly invitation to the Met Gala gets lost in the mail, I hope you seek out other occasions to glitz up. There is no joy greater than curling my hair while sipping a glass of champagne as my friends bounce around my house in bras wondering what on earth to wear. And while Barcelona might not be a fancy city with thrilling parties,  most of life anywhere isn’t going to offer me the occasional social calendar of a celebrity. The Great Gatsby doesn’t exist. A  travesty, I know, its even a greater shame than those who know the movie but not the book. Another eyeroll here. But girls, I have grown to believe that Gatsby is a state of mind. There is always a party and a chance to dress up, very rarely will it come in the form of a calligraphic invitation but anything can be special if you decide it to be. And so, looking forward, I resolve to create my own special nights,  fuelled by nothing by own ‘tender curiousity’ – a quote by Fitzgerald written LONG before it came out of Leo DiCaprio’s mouth. And so with that resolve established, I thought I’d start today by sharing these beautiful ensembles I wore by My Bandage Dress in perhaps the fanciest city of them all: Paris. I hope you do it too, right now. Text your best friends, skip Netflix this weekend, peel off the sweatpants and put on something sexy. Do it.


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