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nubo: a new kind of protection

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

collaborating with panasonic: a review of their recently launched NUBO

I can tolerate a lot, well actually no I cannot, that makes me sound far more easygoing than I am. But one thing I absolutely cannot live with is feeling unsafe or threatened in any way. At one point, probably the saddest period of my life, I found myself living on the wrong side of Pigalle in Paris and darting home from the metro was a horrible daily routine. Now, I am a wuss, I do scare easily, I don’t trust, a man walking too close behind is enough to convince me that he is indeed going to steal my Chanel and wallet. Late last year I was mugged downtown in Barcelona, someone held me at knifepoint, took my phone and all my cash. A phone I am still paying off today. And while I do live in a very safe neighbourhood, let’s just say that experience added an extra jitter to my step. Add in the recent emergency visits to the vet for Biba and I’m one mini-crisis from imploding. So, the Nubo by Panasonic spoke to my inner paranoia, essentially it’s a a mobile monitoring camera that connects to 4G or Wi-Fi, giving me the peace of mind I recently crave whenever I’m not at home. The camera itself is small, sleek and thrillingly inconspicous, which means I can put it on the floor to watch Biba while I’m out. I did fear she would be afraid of it, but it is much, much smaller than her. The nubo would be very easy to hide too, if you wanted to say, spy on a boyfriend or husband too, but I’d hope we’d all opt for breaking up over resorting to that. It’s really new technology which means a thief would be most likely to overlook it as surveillance. But the best part, for me, is it’s motion detector, which pops up as a notification on my phone everytime Biba scurries past the camera which  I get to see on my phone  in real-time. And finally, to conclude… last year I trialled a similar sort of product by another brand, it worked terribly with fuzzy resolution that lagged and staggered into uselessness. The nubo’s lense is wide angle, 1080 pixels and consistently crisp regardless of how slow or fast my 4G is. Now, this isn’t typically the sort of technology I would covet, but after having mine installed at home for a few weeks now, I have grown dependent on the fewer anxieties. Is Biba safe, I wonder what she’s doing? Are my Chanel bags and camera equipment still on my shelves? I hope my front door locks are solid enough, the frame does seem old? These are the sorts of questions that previously littered my mind, but now I have an app and this tiny little camera to reassure me that yes, all the things I love at home are indeed still there and safe.

featuring the panasonic nubo


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