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a polaroid office wall

Monday, April 3, 2017

Well, come spring I become a frantic, bare-footed cleaning-decorating-organizing maniac. I can’t do coffee today I’ll text, my house needs some TLC. This process will span a good few weeks, with abandoned home improvement and  organization projects scattered all over the apartment, being a ridiculous woman,  candle polishing or shoe-arranging by colour/texture are prioritized over you know the actual real, practical aspects of my home that need improving. My laundry room door is chipped and needs painting, but don’t my diptyques look lovely arranged like this? I once spent a solid afternoon spray painting many, many things: gold. Or the three hours I spent dusting and arranging my jewellery and watches by metal-tone. I could effortlessly spend entire days contemplating how to display my many, many books. Interior design and interior maintenance are two entirely different playing fields, we all know which one I prefer and without a male presence in my home,  these four walls will likely come crashing down but I won’t notice, I’ll be distracted by all my new new H&M mohair pillows.  I did once, in a moment of caffeine desperation, manage to fix my Nespresso machine, which involved a screwdriver and honestly, I am still, months later waiting for the grand award and applause I think that endeavour deserved. So yes, when it comes to Frassy home, if the project doesn’t speak to me creatively, I overlook it, well I do obnoxiously beckon my little brother over to fix whatever needs fixing but strangely, he is always busy. And so, with that being said, I am so excited to share this new mini-project, one of those very creative-less functional pursuits I adore… I have this enormous, grey bulletin board above my desk and it needed some sprucing up.  It’s collage of  pinterest-printed photos was growing a little dull, and what better than my favourite Frassy photographs, deliciously printed into polaroids?As a fashion blogger, it is absolutely crucial to foster my ever growing narcissim, and all these shots of mostly myself seemed a good daily reminder for self-obsession.  I joke, there are plenty of landscape, shoe and biba shots too because you know I’m not the typical blogger (says every blogger ever, right?!)…sigh… anyway, without further ado, here’s a frassyhome HOW TO:

I have always mourned the swiftness with which my photography on instagram is rendered ‘old news’ – I spend more time than I’d like to admit on my content and the speed at which we upload, all day everyday has always felt too quick for me. I can never keep up.  There is something endlessly comforting about a feed of my favourites, stagnant, always the same, always in place. No where better than above my desk too, a place where I consistently swear at photoshop for not magically whipping my shots into perfect versions that match my instagram aesthetic. Eye roll. I sound so pretentious, which is ironic as I feel absolutely defeated by that app. But that is another story entirely….  I had these polaroids printed through Inkifi, I am so impressed with the service. The quality is beautiful, but the price even more charming, 36 prints for only 10 GBP – I spent 20 and got a whopping 72. I covered my entire board which spans almost 2 metres, and had some to spare; I am now tempted to have my entire instagram feed printed out. It is so lovely to have physical, solid copies without the hashtags and so on.  As for aligning and choosing which went up on the board, the process was casual and coffee fuelled: I didn’t want it to look too arranged but not messy either. I have been zealously plastering my walls with photographs since I was 16, so I have a fairly good eye. I did consider rummaging around for a ruler but that felt like too much work, it’s supposed to be creative and fun. Measuring lengths and widths is far from enjoyable so I swiftly ignored the idea. Biba,  being the queen she is, demanded to be at the forefront, atop my desk. She was absolutely in the way but she also looked absolutely adorable. I guess the same goes for the disasterous rows of shoes by my front door, not practical for leaving and entering, but they look good.

this post was produced alongside inkifi, i hope it inspires you ;
they have all kinds of photo printing options, take a look  here


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