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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

featured here: love the sign 1. agnes monochrome vases, 2. l.o.v.e finger sculpture music box, 3. fucking old style round tray, 4. neon white lamp, 5. towers paris bookend, 6. bella vista suspension bulbs, 7. seletti palazo governo stacking soup plates

I am detail obsessed. I watch people so often in many endeavours entirely overlook details, which makes me wonder why I am so uptight . But I always have been. I used to re-do my notes at school because aesthetically they weren’t neat enough. I suppose it’s a likely companion in the perfectionist terrain I faithfully stumble through. From my home to my wardrobe to my skin and everything in between; the detail is where my focus will always lay. I also, inherited from my mother, an almost 6th sense sensitivity to colour. Certain colours or combinations physically make me nauseous, while others are incredibly calming or uplifting. That sounds like absolute new-age BS but you know I’m not one for that junk. I’ve really enjoyed these collages I started at the beginning of the year, a series of smaller photos showcasing an array of details, from DIY to earrings and so on; none big enough for an entire post but cohesive and hopefully, enticing as a group . And so, I thought I’d show you some of the finer new additions to Frassy Home, a place I am endlessly curating. I recently fall in love with an Italian interior site called; Love The Sign, hosting an assorted, very quirky collection of decor. Honestly, as much as I love Ikea, this was a refreshing discovery. Besides, anything Italian is better in my eyes. The middle finger music box is probably my favourite piece. Did you see the video on my instagram story a few weeks ago? I manically laughed as the middle finger pivoted 360 to it’s own little ditty. AMAZING. For a long time now I’ve wanted some wall lighting,you know, the decorative, trendy kind – white is my favourite colour and the protagonist to my interior palette, hence my choice in the white neon scribble. The bulbs are fun too and easy enough to re-arrange and re-hang, ideal for the fickle-hearted like me. I’d say the ‘fucking old style’ plate is the perfect location for displaying all my very retro-inspired earrings. As for the vases and the Eiffel Tower book-end, obvious choices for a Paris-literature-flower aficionado. Curiously, I also couldn’t resist these stacking square bowls by a brand I’ve loved for a long time called Seletti – I plan to use these either to store makeup or for the salads I will serve at a dinner party I am hosting soon. The decision remains undecided…


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