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henry, i like you

Thursday, April 20, 2017

a timely love

Well ladies, in a sea of watch options, I finally found a preference. He goes by the very regal name of Henry London. He even has my name engraved on his back, next to my jewellery he faithfully sticks; together we tick. Wait, is that a poem? The timepiece is seriously having a long revival, everyone is wearing one brand or another on instagram, typically accompanied by an overused quote about time as a caption, myself included. This is why I embraced Henry: his watches are distinct from all the others. In fact he is the closest I’ve come to a commitment in a long time. Genuinely, aside from a vacation this summer with a good friend, I’m as attached as a balloon caught in a breeze. And because of this Henry affinity, this collaboration also was a breeze. I’m honoured to be teaming up with the brand, hopefully offering a better timepiece alternative, which you can too have engraved with your own name. I have such a weakness for personalization, seriously it was only a few weeks ago that I was heavily considering a monogrammed tape dispenser. Let’s just say I’m happier with this watch instead, I have no idea what I would even use tape for. I suppose it could be utilized to wax my forearms, which yes,  I edited here because in the sunlight they were terrifying and absolutely no one, especially Henry needs to see that.

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