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a larger love: earrings

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Earrings, for a 5 year stint I preferred the barely theres, the delicates.. but on the brink of 30, I now want to load my ears the same way I do my bookshelves: abundantly, heavily, excessively. Jewellery allegedly distracts from wrinkles, so perhaps my larger choice in earrings is really just another ridiculous, most likely ill-advised attempt at anti aging. I can’t justify La Mer and I adore the sun, so the way I see it, earrings are my only option. Oh and hats, but this post isn’t about my head, which is drastically more problematic than my wrinkles. Let´s just hope I learn to live in my aging skin with the same grace I have embraced all the confusing things that happen from the hair up. And so late one night, I took to pinterest, drooled over a couple dozen earrings I absolutely cannot afford, followed by a more modest jaunt over to Mango.com  I have never once in my life considered their accessories, but one peek had me zealously clicking every oversized speciman of hoop ito my cart. I downsized to a few pairs and checked out only 30 euros poorer.

I enjoy how bigger earrings bounce around as I walk, or the way they ricochet deliriously when I laugh. There is a vitality to them, a movement unachieveable by a small solid stud. I like that. I adore movement, you might have noticed from my photographs, I have no idea why I kept my jewellery so lazy for so long. The bigger ones are also much harder to lose, I have an entire box of lonely one-halves of delicate earring pairs. Needless to say, I’ve uncovered a new obsession here, one that will surely will see me through spring and deep into summer. Gold hoops with a tan? Is there a pairing more perfect? Skipping through Ibiza town in a sheer white dress and big earrings? Si. Por Favor. I’m there, allow my earrings to match my enthusiasm. Big, bouncy and shaking for summer.


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