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Thursday, February 16, 2017

I take after my mother, we never can find anything, our keys, phone, wallet, lipstick, glasses. We are always bumbling around in search for something we had in hand only a few seconds ago. It is one of my more irritating traits, usually concluding in me heaving myself into a kneel to facilitate the required and very rigourous two hand rummage through my handbag. Losing things momentarily costs me a ridiculous amount of time. I am forever trying to streamline new habits to avoid these searches that scatter my day. Not all my efforts are successful, but the cardholder is a solid contestant, on the dresser by the front door it sits and when I leave, into my pocket it slips. I know where it is always. Smart women keep on top of their money, I am in constant fear that my scattiness will result in the worst sort of loss: financial. Call me cold,  a heartbreak I can manage, but if my bank accounts were broken, I would surely collapse. I live in one of Europe’s pickpocketing capitals and I was recently mugged , my cardholder isn’t an accessory but an essential; I might even go as far as deeming it a defense. I can feel it next to my thigh, leaving only a cracked iphone, copper coins, 12 lipsticks and a book in my bag for the thieves. And so without further ado, let me introduce my vertige in soft taupe leather. We go everywhere together. In fact we share the most intimate relationship I’ve perhaps ever had. He also buys me many, many things, there is a promise of a Louis Vuitton purchase soon. It might be love. So in celebration of that, here we are together doing our favourite things: gluten, coffee and books.

Now, I’m not one to judge, especially in regards to money, I am usually too busy trying to make my own. But after 28 years of observation, I have noticed a curious correlation between wallet size and wealth when it comes to men. The bigger and chubbier the wallet, the poorer the man. That sounds terribly snobby but I share this factually not critically. I suppose it all started with my Dad, who always for as long as I can remember preferred the slimmest of wallets, practically anorexic little leathers yet quietly full. He is after all still the most successful man I know. Fast forward to my early boyfriends, who’d pull out gigantic, bloated nylon styles filled with nothing but the 10 euros their mother gave them for the cinema ticket and a soda. Anything with velcro or a chain is not a man I’d want to date. (That statement is snobby) And even now in recent years, the men I’ve dated could be categorized simply by wallet size.  Now, for women, no such correlation exists, simply because like most things, we’ve rendered it decorative, an accessory, another element to our self-expression. We are far more complex. However, I  am very masculine when it comes to money. I like to make it. I like to save it and I like to talk about it.   I wrestle my very female spending incinations away and hoard my earnings. All of which I inherited from my Dad, and so it made sense to finally mirror his wallet choice too. I’m not rich yet, so let’s called it an aspirational accessory. Vertige also have a beautiful pink style, far more feminine, which might make spending a little rosier, if you aren’t like me, an obnoixous money obsessive. There is nothing wrong with being a Carrie Bradshaw. I’m simply more of a Miranda when it comes to my finances, so taupe felt appropriate.

featuring the vertige calfskin card holder in grey etoupe

And there you have it, another detail showcased in the jigsaw puzzle that is getting dressed and leaving the house. It was such fun collaborating with Vertige on this shoot, I just hope my own piece of the brand takes me to Monaco one day. I have forever been fascinated with the Côte d’Azur and not yet visited. The V of the Vertige brand hails from the “Tête de Chien” a vantage point which overlooks the Principality of Monaco, a view I’d very much like to see, sil vous plait. Each cardholder is handmade using premium leathers but most impressive is the delightfully reasonable price: only 89 euros for one of these beauties. A small price to pay for a pocket imperative, I say…


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