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astrid & miyu's back to basics

Monday, February 26, 2018
simplified jewellery: staple pieces

Gold jewellery. I adore it. You know it. I tend to drape my body in layers of it, usually opting for simple pendants and a classic hoop earring. So imagine how happy I was to hear one of my favourite jewellery names, Astrid & Miyu were celebrating this precise simplicity in their new ‘back to basics’ collection, a series of simple pieces in gold, rose gold and silver. Nothing has been more suited to me apart from that handsome man on instagram who never replied to my message, but I’ve let that go. The collection is indeed basic but isn’t that the best kind of jewellery? I judge my jewels on how long they stay on my skin, if I sleep and shower in them, then they are indisputably staples. Precisely how I feel about this collection, a series of different sized hoops; from a bold J-lo style to the more subdued Scandi kind….topped off with a duo of pendants I still haven’t taken off an entire 10 days later. I stripped it back for this photo series, nothing but a white shirt and my birthday suit to celebrate just how lovely these new pieces are. The kind to never take off. The kind that compliment freckles and the lines of a face. The kind that hang pretty dressed up or in an old sweater at home. The kind that become second skin. The kind to buy and keep forever. And so without further ado, here’s my favourites from the Back to Basic collection, simple but so perfect to me.

featured here: astrid & miyu basic ear cuff in gold, basic large hoop earrings in gold, basic coin necklace in gold, basic halo pendant necklace in gold & basic medium hoop in gold

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