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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Well, the end of April is almost the beginning of May, which down here in Spain, marks the beginning of the 5 month summer. The beach clubs start opening in May, the pink tourists in their shorts fill the streets in streams, every one of my female friends commences their seasonal song of swimwear complaints and there is already an array of beach towels collecting in a hill by my front door. I’ve made the switch from latte to iced coffee. I even have two mosquito bites, which are bothersome but they signify the summer start so I’m okay with the itch. I could happily live in any European city but I moved back to Spain for one sole reason: sunshine. I could not live without it. And when the season begins, it feels like I do too. Life is an entirely different story in the summer, undeniably the preferred chapter of each of my 27 years. I’m excited and admitedly I am looking forward to the season; single, sin hombre (without man). Looking ahead, it leaves the season unmapped, brimming with what ifs and possible paths. Avoiding commitments of the heart is an absolutely liberating way to live, at least for now. And with that said, here a few uncomplicated outfit options I shot on the beach and under the palm trees, in collaboration with my favourite; Lasula boutique. Here’s to the adventure ahead, may my wardrobe and soul stay fuss-free, easy but ultimately, fun.

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what i’m wearing: lasula boutique white crochet lace longline bralet, white high waisted wide leg trousers, navy floral print playsuit, white ruched sleeve blouse & pink high-waisted pleated culottes


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