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these gentle days

Thursday, January 12, 2017
hello, i’m bored

I feel as blase as grey, which is the most indifferent shade of the spectrum, wouldn’t you agree? I adore grey, on my bedding, knitted thick into sweaters, in the marble of my coffee table but not when it colours my days. We are ambling towards mid-January, surely the blandest time of the year, the hours pass like a Jackson Pollock painting, a slow moving of drips that leave me feeling nothing at all. I am reading vicariously, there are the sly naps, and the gym, writing episodes that conclude in sighs,  and then, early evening I scuffle through a Jamie Oliver recipe, wondering where I could ever find obscure ingredients like fennel or chives in a city that seems to favour utilitarian style supermarkets. My efforts will be enjoyed alongside lustful stares from Biba, sometimes I’ll skip the table and sit cross-legged on the floor instead. What can I say, I’ve always enjoyed attentive companionship and she makes for a very eager dinner friend. Life is quiet and gentle, but restlessness has rolled in; a distant boredom has roped through these days. I find myself hoping that this is simply the calm before the storm, which is foolish considering the tornado I only just jumped out of. But hey, no rest for the wicked wild.

what i’m wearing: zara cropped trench coat, forever21 oversized waffle knit sweater, pretty little thing camel fedora, river island black frill cropped trousers, mini black chanel bag & marypaz two toned heels

I told myself I would start vlogging once a week but my day-to-day is sluggish and would only come across as heartbreakingly boring in video format. I’ve been reading Emma Cline’s ‘The Girls’ which has has seduced me in a way I never expected. I fiercely suggest buying a copy, it will provide the dose of intensity I think we all crave this month. Perhaps I’ll nip to Louis Vuitton and buy those heels I have stored as a screenshot on my phone, but only after I pay all my bills, a painful task in January, my bank account is dwindling down to an echo. I hope my submitted invoices arrive replenished soon, mostly because I miss Paris and would like to go back for a sponteneous week. I had aimed to conjure a more invigorating collection of insights to share here today, it didn’t happen, so instead I will hurry this ramble off into a *sigh*, I am ready and rested for whatever comes next.


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