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a quiet beach

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I am fiercely determined to leave my melancholy abandoned in the past of the last year,  so bleary-eyed I skipped my rigorous coffee dosage, shrugged on this sweater and hailed a cab down to the shore for the morning. The beach was softly sun-drenched, deserted in my favoured winter way. My aunt bought me this new book as a gift which I haphazardly grabbed in the same fistful as Biba’s leash, who scampered through the sand like an animation. I could have stayed until lunch but my caffeine withdrawal hurried me over to a cafe, where I accidentally devoured a stack of pancakes too, but hey, they were both sugar and wheat free, so the guilt quickly went away. It was invigorating to collaborate with North Sails on this nautical shoot, a change from the moody sepia tones I usually favour uptown. How lovely to wear all white by the beach for a day. I’d say the colour and the shore I’m sitting on are solid, sure cries for spring. Winter in Spain feels more like an affliction  than a season; Barcelona is covered in palm trees and they look so estranged above a population wrapped in coats and scarves. Oh well, in a country so seeped in doubt, especially economically, there is one certain thing: the warm weather will come sweeping in again, until then, I’m quite happy in this chunky knit and stretches of sand all to myself.

what i’m wearing: north sails handmade sweater & north sails white janis trousers

Being an avid lover of boats, my grandest dream is to float on my own for an entire year, a mere few million euros stand in my way… however, I do have an alternative to share with you ladies: North Sails asked me to invite you all to participate in their Regatta Sweepstakes for a chance to win two race crew positions in the Super Yacht Cup in Mallorca for two, including a 5 day holiday. You already know I’ve entered, I am hoping my maritime enthusiasm will fuel enough luck for a win. I wholeheatedly encourage you to enter the contest here : hopefully we can go together.


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