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black, burgundy, paris

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I love Lasula, you are already aware, and just like every other trip I’ve been on this year, I gleefully packed a bunch of their A/W pieces into my suitcase for Paris. Burgundy is undisputably my autumnal colour, it starts with my manicure, as soon as I switch from summer white to my predictable not-red, not-brown…I suddenly want to wear everything MAROON. As for black? Well, she’s a shade very much neglected in the warmer months but as soon as the crisp air hits, I veer towards everything darker, moodier, ‘does it look vintage enough?’ I ask myself in the mirror. Black works for me when it’s colder, besides most of my baker boy caps are black too and truthfully, if I have a hat to match, it’s more likely I’ll honour the colour. And on that note, I’ve noticed almost everyone is currently favouring this hat style , now it might sound snooty, but I don’t like this. Trends irritate me and yet, quite like avocado, I’ve always adored the baker boy hat, actually since 2012, I dappled in my archives to find that out.  As soon as the blogging collective snatches something up and claims it as ON TREND, I am mentally walking away. I used to crave avocado on a daily basis, and yet I cannot remember the last time I ordered it on toast, perhaps I never will again, and if I do, you can be sure there won’t be a photo of it anywhere. But enough of that rant, voila, all my latest favourites from Lasula in the best city on earth; Paris.

what i’m wearing: lasula sheer polka dot top, lasula black corduroy a line skirt, lasula wine duster coat, lasula burgundy pinstripe jumpsuit, lasula black lace frill jumpsuit, lasula camel duster coat, lasula check ruffle corset top & lasula wine culottes

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