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red in paris

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ever since I spontaneously asked my hairdresser Irene to cut me a fringe, I’ve fallen deep back into my retro obsession. From Frank Sinatra, baker boy caps, grainy photographs ; basically I ran around Paris fancying myself some pseudo modern version of Jane Birkin. Laughable, I know but hey, a girl can hope. And inexplicably I came back around to colour, well one shade in particular, red. I even wore a very deep rouge lipstick for an event, I’ve not worn anything but nude on my lips for a very long time. Groundbreaking stuff, right? Who will play me in the MOVIE? Anyway as soon as I folded all this red into my suitcase, I knew exactly where I’d photograph it; outside one of the innumerable red cafes. Le Bonaparte was perfect and right by my old apartment in the 6eme. A trip down memory lane, one coffee at Cafe Flore and a lot of dramatic sauntering later, these photos were born. Now, they say the woman makes the clothes, but I think the fringe makes this suit. In fact I actually claimed my fringe to be LIFE CHANGING the other day to a friend. How ludicrious is it that the simple act of cutting a few strands of hair near my forehead shorter, completely altered my mindset? Women are ridiculous and I am an especially absurd speciman. But back to the suit, I love it. I’ll wear it again, the dress too. As for a repeat wear of the lipstick? As lovely as it looks with my darker hair, I need some practice, the majority of it ended up on my teeth. Definitely not Jane Birkin yet.

what i’m wearing: primark red suit, primark red dress & primark baker boy cap


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