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going out and then, getting up

Thursday, October 12, 2017

There are only two places in the world I find irresistible at night, can you guess which they are? Ibiza in the summer and Paris in the winter. Fairly obvious choices. My last trip to the city of lights saw me burning the candle at both ends, my work hours stretched far into the night, there were a few important work events but then, throw in the fact that some of my favourite, oldest friends live in the city and bam, I barely slept a wink all week. And let me tell you, nothing makes me look worse than a lack of sleep. But I was in Paris for fashion week, mostly posing in front of a camera so sweatpants and a litre of coffee on the couch really weren’t an option. AND so, alongside Primark, I wanted to create a sort of how-to dress for both a night out in Paris a la Frassy but also some advice on how to tackle the physically painful task of getting dressed after 3 hours sleep and too much wine. So often we as bloggers look flawless, in fact, it seems to becoming a trait we aspire to. But not I, no I am a mess. Especially when a casual dinner spins into a 5 hour event and the next morning I’m groaning under the heavy affects of far too much fromage and Provence pink wine. I’d say it doesn’t happen very often, but whenever I’m in Paris I tend to forget that I do not live in a movie and that the next morning I do indeed have work and not a lie-in with pancakes at the Athenee. So here’s how to dress for your night out, but also for the commute to whatever responsibility you probably have the next day.

what i’m wearing: primark sparkly dress, primark velvet heeled sandals, primark pleather beret, primark one sleeve sweater & primark loose leather leggings

some advice for a night out and the morning after

So much of my professional life revolves around getting dressed up, so when I go out for fun, I like to veer towards extravagant, which means SPARKLY. In the Balmain sense of the word: sultry, ladylike…not anything you might have worn at 16 to your school disco. With the weather getting colder, I encourage the socks with heels combination. It might be marmite, in that you either love or hate it, but I’m an avid fan, mostly because boots without the distraction of trousers turn my bare legs into tree trunks and yet, simple closed-toe heels make my feet cold. Socks really are the solution. If that’s simply not your style, toss on a hat because hats are amazing. I adore them. They also keep your hair in check when you reach that 3rd glass of wine  point of  a)not caring what you look like and yet b) simultaneously convinced you look AMAZING as ever. You could bring a jacket, my mother would encourage one and yet, as active as I am, when I’m out at night, I will walk nowhere. It’s either order us an uber (please) or I’m going home. Finally, always bring a small bag. I promise all you really need is your wallet and phone. That kilo of makeup for touch-ups? You won’t use it and if you do find yourself preening in the mirror, it’s time for bed because if the night were fun, winged eyeliner would absolutely not be on your mind. And then, the next day. Plan your outfit the night before, lay it out somewhere. That way when you’re cursing your alarm, you can slip right into clothes, avoiding panic and that vicious tugging and flinging of hangers, an angry act we all as women know very well. Again, a hat. There will not be energy or time for hair washing or styling. Don’t even try. I’d also heavily recommend loose clothes. Anything tight is uncomfortable and really, anything other than being in bed is already uncomfortable on the morning after.  Don’t make things worse. Sweaters were surely invented by someone a) hungover or b)chronically exhausted ; the closest an item of clothing can come to a hug. Embrace it, wear one. Earrings make for a good distraction from tired eyes, I always wear big ones.  And finally shoes, as self-appointed founder of the flats forever fan club, I will confess, something about sneakers makes me feel messy when I’m tired. I suppose I overcompensate for my lack of energy by wearing a shoe style that requires energy. So yes, heels for a hangover. They will make you feel put together while internally you weep for a nap.


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