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the best jumpsuit there ever was

Monday, July 10, 2017

Finding a moment to share here has been difficult. I’ve been busy with freelance work, but also swept up by summer. The season instills a restlessness in me and when I look back on all that has weaved itself through these last weeks, I’m rather amazed. I always knew this summer would be special, 2017 started on a personal epiphany for me.  You might remember how unhappy I was last year, but I knew the contentment I found would carry me into adventures this season. I could write an entire book based on this season alone, I feel close to being carried away entirely by the sometimes breeze that sweeps the otherwise humid streets here. I feel so lucky to live in a city so full of summer and I am soaking it all up. I’ve met many beautiful souls, I’ve stayed out far too late far too many times and I’ve sat in my apartment, all alone smiling at all that this season has given me so far. By now, you are already aware of my obsessive pursuit of a story, of wrestling what could easily be a mundane existence into something a little more thrilling, unusual… interesting.  In my eyes, it’s the best way to live and even better in that it doesn’t take a single euro, exotic trip or new outfit but simply the willingness to say yes. Summer 2017 is my season of YES, because why not, here I am at 28, with one life and the personal freedom to do as I please. Perhaps I’ll share my stories sometime soon, but until then, I’ve been so excited to share this jumpsuit of dreams with you. And yes, those are detachable sleeves.

what i’m wearing: fame and partners sarr jumpsuit

If you follow me on instagram, you may have spotted my zealous enthusiasm for Fame & Partners, the brand behind this beauty of a jumpsuit but also a few other pieces I have been wearing relentlessly, all of which have played a lead role in many of my recent summer adventures. I wore this jumpsuit to host my event last weekend at the most charming florist in Sitges, there was the blue gingham dress I wore to watch the fireworks from Soho House rooftop and the red frilly number I wore on a magical night out. I will be sharing these other pieces in full soon, but for now, let me obnoixously gush about this brand. Fame & Partners pride themselves on being an atelier; their pieces are high-quality, tailored to perfection, but also completely customizable on request. Personally I adore them for their unexpected designs, every single item on their site is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, which is precisely why I’m so excited about the brand. They hit the almost impossible mark between unusual and chic. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I actually stumbled upon the brand on instagram, instantly I was smitten and thus, here I am happy to have a few of their designs hanging in my wardobe and at what better time than summer, the only season I spend more time out of the house than in?


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