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A Sweater, a Jumpsuit, a Jacket

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I always pause whenever I’m asked to describe ‘my style’- mostly because my taste isn’t consciously constructed, but more of an unaware, rather messy collection of clothes. I am faithfully drawn to certain things, like hats or court heels and ofcourse the trench, but then inexplicably attracted to unexpected pieces too. I suppose that is how this post came to be.

I wanted to showcase these 3 pieces by Little Mistress mostly because I wore them on a repeat rota while in Paris, layered or on their own, depending on how much rain we were cursed with. They all feel very me and yet, not typical to what one might associate my wardrobe with. I’ve come to rely on Little Mistress for my unforesoon staples, which is to say, it’s not until I pull them do I realize how much I will wear them. This jacket is the perfect example, typically I avoid shiny, patent textures and yet I adore this, it feels half Nancy Drew, half Edie Sedgwick but ultimately, very retro.

I am also showcasing perhaps one of the sexiest sweaters yet, stubbornly resisting the bulkiness so often problematic to knitwear; who knew two wool ties could streamline a sweater so beautifully? And finally, an autumnal spin on the bardot neckline, a style I wasn’t prepared to leave ; I prefer this burgundy beauty with a push up bra. Brigitte herself would wear this one I believe. On a final note, now that the cooler weather has arrived, you can expect a constant stream of hats atop my head. While I do adore this new fringe of mine, let’s just say the rain is terrible for short hair at the forehead.

what i’m wearing: little mistress vinyl trench jacket, little mistress burgundy jumpsuit & little mistress grey chunky sweater


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