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co-ordinated love

Thursday, May 4, 2017

There is something irresistible to me about a co-ord, its always the first category I’ll look through whenever I find myself browsing online. Ofcourse this could be related to the fact that my online shopping is usually indulged only very late at night. Typically at a time when my head is chaotic and messy from the day just gone,; so, a conclusive duo of garments feel like the sort of organized relief I need. But then again there is something so easy about clothes that come as a pair and thus demand to be worn together, like twins or a team. No styling what-ifs, no clump of clothes flung from hangers onto the floor, no frantically yanking on 6 different tops and cursing them all which always subsequently creates doubt regarding whatever you decided on for the bottom half of your body. Sigh. It’s funny how we as women adore clothes but so often the process of piecing them together to wear out of the house feels like a damn puzzle. Last weekend I was gearing up to meet some friends at a fancy hotel and the process of getting dressed stumped me to the point I had to wander over to the nespresso machine for a latte. So with that said, I’ve assertively decided that I do indeed require many more co-ords in my life. Not a want, a requirement ; especially with summer right ahead, the temperatures in Spain render even slipping on a cami a sweaty affair. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a pile of tried on clothes, too hot and too flustered to contemplate anything other than the underwear you have on. And those days are ahead.

what i’m wearing: danity naig co-ord, zara basket bag,
fendi silk scarf, asos cateye sunglasses & parfois mules


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