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a sweater, a stack of books

Friday, November 18, 2016


what i’m wearing: mango burgundy sweater, jitrois leather trousers, oasis burgundy shoes, rayban sunglasses, black chanel bag & vintage chanel earrings


Pulling a forgotten sweater from last winter out of a drawer is a beautiful little thing to happen in a day. Tearing open an amazon box full of new books, another tiny joy. Sneaking a 4th cup of coffee tucked up in a terrace of a heated outdoor cafe, a thirdsmall bliss. Oh, sweaters, messy top knots and books, I adore them, and even better because here in these photographs,  I am gleefully skipping down the street en route to more coffee. And while I cannot condone my caffeine habits, I do hope you are reading books. It makes me so deeply sad how little people read these days.  Sometimes when I see people staring at their smart phones, I like to imagine that they are reading a Plath poem or catching up on the New Yorker, when really, they are most likely to be looking at a sandwich on snapchat. Sigh. You must read. It absolutely makes you smarter, it widens the walls of your brain. I promise. Luckily, I’ve always been drawn to the written word. I read vicariously growing up and then went on to dedicate 3 entire years of my life immersed in books for the sake of a BA in Literature. Now professionally speaking, my degree didn’t widen my career prospects but intrinsically, it did a great good. Words will always be my biggest love, they trump photography, clothes and yes, even Chanel isn’t capable of the beauty that letters strung together can create. I cannot count how many times I’ve had to stop to re-read a sentence that simply halted me because it was so magnificient. That doesn’t ever happen to me with say, a pair of shoes or a coat, not even those Acne leathers I crave. Words are my soul. That sounds silly but sometimes the truest things do. And what better time than in the cold quicker nights of winter for reading? Netflix makes us all feel pretty futile after a while, I wholeheartedly suggest books. So, please, I urge you, go dig around for last season’s favourite sweater, grab a book and go get a coffee, at home or in a cosy cafe. Leave your iphone. Just read, please.


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