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the haven that is my home

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


featuring: primark lace & satin gown,  sweater,  wool thigh high socks, slippers,  gold geometric cushions, rose gold clock, copper candles, gold candle holder, grey apothecary bottle, gold geometric square box


Home is where the world fades away. Home is my safe place. The city often terrifies me, it never used to, no far from it, I found all the lights and all the people to be endlessly thrilling. Not anymore. Perhaps my song would be sung differently if I found myself living back in Paris or London, but Barcelona just hasn’t charmed me. I always say Barcelona is the vaguely handsome, rather dumb man you fall for after 3 mojitos on the beach in the summer. It’s not a compassionate or substantial love but simply a humid seasonal lust. Now, I don’t entirely hate it here, I’ve been known to date dumb men and so just like them, Barcelona will do for the time being but we sure as hell aren’t getting married. If there is one thing I’ve learnt is that love cannot ever be forced.  I did try to foster an affection for this city but we just don’t fit.   However, inside this city is a tiny little space that is all my own. I adore my home. I’ve spent endless hours curating it’s four walls into a place I walk in, kick my shoes off and faithfully sigh with relief. I think living in a city I don’t really enjoy has made my home even more important to me. I also have never truly had a home all of my own before, I went from the shambles of university housing to terribly furnished Paris apartments where I could barely pay the electricity bill. My modest apartment is a point of pride , the first official marking of adulthood and a haven I never thought possible for a nomad like me. And so it is a thing of joy to share my home with you.  I took all my favourites from Primark’s latest homeware collection and added them to my interior. In myprevious frassyhome post, I told you I had invested in an array of new pyjamas, some more of those feature here too, also by Primark. The brand is genuinely unbeatable and I do love featuring shopping options we can all afford, seriously, these pillows are only 8 euros. That’s less than a Starbucks venti for you and a friend. And while I’m undeniably only one candle away from becoming an art teacher in a kimono, I must say a scented flame flickering in the background does a grand good for my anxiety, which is back with the force of a stormy wind this week. Sigh, better stay at home.


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