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a grand introduction: parmigiani fleurier

Saturday, October 7, 2017

I am both fickle and fastidious when it comes to what I wear. I grow tired of the seeing the same rota of fashion aggressively circle the internet like some sort of sartorial brainwashing. Whenever I hear the words ‘it item’, be it a bag, watch or blazer, I shudder. It’s an authority I resist, because really when it comes to my wardrobe, no one decides what I should love but me. I’m not interested in trends, particularly when it comes to luxury because who wants to invest in pieces so predictably replaced next season? I suppose I’m getting old because not only do I find Taylor Swift annoying but I refuse to spend my hard earned money on anything but the classics. And that’s where this watch comes in, I salute Parmigiani Fleurier for their fierce loyalty to classic design. Swiss-made, automatic and exquisitely made,  the brand felt like the ideal investment as I inch towards 30. So many of the Swiss brands feel overworn to me but Parmigiani Fleurier strikes the hard to hit mark between tradition and originality; their Kalparisma collection is a true testament to that. I’ve never seen a white watch so elegant and considering it’s my favourite colour, I’ve had my eyes open for one. Truthfully, I have many watches I adore but I wanted a special one. And this is it right here, the Kalparisma, described by the brand as the ‘poetic watch’, which works for me, I must say. If there were a poetic pair of socks or hat, I’d definitely buy those too. Obviously.

featuring the parmigiani fleurier kalparisma timepiece


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