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seasonal staples

Thursday, September 21, 2017
two sets of season staples from one of my all time favourite brands

what i’m wearing: little mistress grey print halter dress
& little mistress autumn floral print skater dress

the bohemian basics:
autumnal florals

Florals aren’t just for spring, in fact a lot of the brighter prints associated with warmer weather actually annoy me a little. They feel childish for a woman with wrinkles. I prefer the moodier, darker versions that look beautifully tucked up under blazers, coats or cardigans as thick as blankets. I also love the idea of the shorter dress with jeans, mostly because I detest tights but also, I like to layer up into a cocoon. It is perhaps the only way I ever manage to pull off that ‘chic nonchalance’ I so adore. You know what I mean, those outfits that make people think; ‘wow she obviously just got out of bed but how great does she look?’ I’d vouch for both of these dresses as being ideal layering starters, the appetizer to a an entire winter look. Just keep adding until you’ve reached the warmth required for the temperature outside. Messy hair and boots work well too with winter florals;  or dramatically enormous draped scarves and rows of gold pendant necklaces. Hats too. Also I mentioned messy hair as if I ever have any hairstyle other than messy. Come on, Audrey.

the city slickers:
chic repeat wears

I am either dressed like I live in a countryside cottage or a more frantic, sweatier version of Samantha from Sex and The City. Essentially I operate between those two opposites. I love a floaty dress as much as I love a tailored style. You are already aware of my long lasting relationship with the trench coat. And quite like that classic, I like the chic side of my wardrobe to work hard. Be it a brand meeting or a wine binge at a fancy hotel bar, both of these pieces will work swimmingly. And thus, these are repeat wears, the sort of classics I cling to when I’ve already lied about being in a taxi when really I’m still in my bra. The bell sleeves on this navy blazer are great ; so often sleeves get in the way of things but not with this little number. A versatile blazer it surely is, with last year’s denim and wrinkled white tee OR more dressed up over a turtleneck and the sort of trousers that look great but are truthfully, way too tight..  I’ve also paired this under an oversized white shirt and the layered sleeves looked lovely together. As for the khaki suede dress? If you know me, it’s obvious why I like this; the perfect subdued earth tone, a flattering cut with ample room for my hips and butt, but also a dress just sighing to be worn under, yep you guessed it : A TRENCH.

what i’m wearing: little mistress navy frill hem jacket
& little mistress khaki bodycon dress


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