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navy linen layers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The cooler weather has swept into Barcelona like a sigh of relief.  After so much sweating, this scarf was shockingly a refreshing accessory. I know, I know, complaining about winterwear is basically part of my online persona, but so is being fickle. If I had a euro for everytime I changed my mind, I’d be very rich. It’s comes with my starsign, libra: my indecisiveness is very much an integral part of existing on this earth as Audrey. Then again, I’m content with a scarf if worn with shorts. It’s a good compromise. But I suppose my desire to elaborate on a silly thing such as  my scarf is perhaps because my anxiety recently has been at an all time high. I have a big few weeks looming, work will soon evolve into chaos over in Paris and my personal life has swept up into a whirlwind. And I’m trying to hold it all down, wondering how and why and what if. No wonder something as simple as a soft scarf is such a solace. It can be hard to be a woman, we feel everything or at least I do. Even this crisp weather is spinning me into that nausea that comes when you know a new season is here . Perhaps you don’t feel that but the weather is such a personal catalyst in my mind. Thank goodness these matching navy linens from MLM arrived, otherwise I’m unsure I’d even be able to get dressed in any coherent sort of way. In fact, incoherently skipping around town trying to grapple with errands and photoshoots is exactly how I’ve been living this week so far.

what i’m wearing: MLM navy linen one shoulder salo top, MLM navy linen
jett ruffle shorts
, missguided navy baker boy cap, zero uv sunglasses,
mango cream scarf & louis vuitton vintage bag


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