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My Colour Wheel

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

You all know how strictly I adhere to what I call, rather pretentiously, my ‘colour palette’. It includes monochrome, every shade of brown imaginable, from cream, rust, caramel, all the way over to a rich, dark brown. I am drawn to these colours in the same way children gravitate towards the candy aisle at a supermarket, with wide eyes and grasping hands. I even spotted the world’s ugliest office chair in the most unusual sepia brown shade and considered buying it – purely because of the colour.

what i’m wearing:
i saw it first camel mac style tux dress

Recently I watched a movie where Sandra Bullock dismissed a certain item of clothing, asserting it wouldn’t work in her ‘colour wheel’ and truthfully? That line hit me harder than anything Ryan Gosling said in The Notebook because FINALLY, SOMEONE VOICED HOW I THINK TOO. I realize being so colour fastidious might feel ridiculously dull to some, but then again, I love building my wardrobe around a colour wheel. It works for me.

what i’m wearing:
i saw it first shaggy cardigan & i saw it first stone tie front slim trousers

So when the very cool, deliciously affordable brand ‘I Saw It First’, asked me if I’d style some outfits from their A/W collection, of course I said yes and of course, yes I chose all my favourite shades from my colour wheel. And if you’re tired of me copying that Sandra Bullock line? Sorry but I’ll be using it all the time. But as a token of apology? If you’d like any of these pieces in your own wardrobe, you can save 40% with my code, FRASSY40.

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