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A New Chapter

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

here’s to my new creative home

Almost 6 months since my last post, and how I’ve missed this corner of my life, which for a decade has been a constant, one of the few constants I’ve ever relied on.  This is the longest I’ve ever gone without sharing here, but that’s not to say I forgot. Life simply grew very busy in other places and I was preoccupied with evolving. In that time, I turned 30, launched a vintage brand, wrote privately for myself without the eyes of the internet,  fell in love with a man, we ran away to Bali… it’s been a busy time, of change, of progress, of tiny beginnings, the sort of beginnings that would never feel impressive in an instagram post but intrinsically, I hold them as triumphs.

And so in spirit of tiny beginnings, this website here is another. My many years of ‘Frassy‘ have turned over into a new chapter, and this chapter? She’s called Audrey Leighton. I feel good striding into  my own name as my brand. It feels right. And what better place to do it than this new website of mine? I’m calling this space my creative home and I hope you’ll come and go, hopefully with a cup of coffee in hand and wander around this space of mine. But mostly, I hope you’ll always leave inspired and I hope you’ll always return. Here’s to what’s ahead. I have so much to tell, to write – photos I’ve been saving. I cannot wait.


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