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Trench Season

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Well loves, officially trench season has begun. I am always the first to the party – this time with an especially beautiful vintage version, which is part of Audrey Leighton Vintage collection 10. I cinched it in with the biggest belt I own. She’s a beauty but breathing doesn’t come easy, and to further the sartorial torture? I slipped on my YSL heels, yes, the pair I bought for my 30th birthday – absolutely the most elegant shoes in my wardrobe but also, the most painfully uncomfortable. I’ll be honest and admit they mostly function as very ‘chic bookends’ because wearing them inhibit my ability to walk. Not at all practical, but so pretty – and I say that with such a sigh…

what i’m wearing: audrey leighton vintage trench, house of cb oversized belt & ysl opyum heels

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