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self-love with diane houston

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I have no shame when it comes to my skin. The world tells me I should, but I do all I can to silence anyone’s voice but my own when it comes to my flesh and bone. I hope you can find the strength to do the same, I hope you can develop  the stubbornness required to refuse the screaming collective that constantly tells us we as women aren’t right, or not enough or too much. You are absolutely enough whatever you are in this world as a woman. And so these photos really were a practice of just that, curating confidence and practicing self-love. I won’t lie, while I do have a generous dose of confidence, and I wear it lightly like a perfume… lately the bottle has been running a little low. Clothes have felt like an enemy, I’ve gained considerable muscle weight since last winter which means not a single pair of my favourite jeans from 2016 fit. I did squeeze myself into one pair but the discomfort was at torture level, so I peeled them off and then, felt like crying. But then I wondered why I felt remorseful, and slightly ashamed? It was ridiculous, I’ve spent a good part of the last 365 days trying to build my body stronger and then when a silly pile of jeans don’t fit, I suddenly don’t love the body I work so hard on? The world tells me I should be thin and yet I don’t want to be thin and yet when I don’t feel thin, I feel sad? That is a cycle of absolute lunacy, and one where I will never find happiness. So, I forgot the jeans, decided to buy a new few pairs on payday and marched to the gym to do even more squats, the source of my so called ‘problem’.

what i’m wearing: diane houston leia tie front bra &
leia shorts, diane houston kitty camisole & kitty shorts

And so, this shoot really was a practice of self love, slipping into barely-there silks after a solid few weeks in thick knits and heavy coats was a reminder of the pride I should, that we should all feel in our bodies. Not having to zip up a pair of too tight jeans (payday hasn’t hit yet I’m still making do with the too small denim) or button up a trench, a style I love but one that isn’t very body-aware, and don’t get me started on knitwear: I prefer mine so oversized that my boobs disappear ; it was liberating, being bare without the constraints of SO many clothes. I am a summer woman at heart afterall. And rolling around in these loungwear sets was soul-soothing. I felt better. I felt more aware of my body. I felt fluid and energetic in strength. As much as I adore clothes, they complicate the perception of how we see ourselves, especially when we have to wear them for warmth.  So here’s to baring it all every so often,  cosy at home without the heavy layers this season requires. I cannot commend  Diane Houston enough; their pieces are delicate, soft and slip right on ; I am a new fan for sure. It’s important to feel comfortable in our bareness, and their pieces accentuate just that – no underwiring, no complicated straps or strings – just lovely easy silks to celebrate yourself in. And we must do and wear all we can to celebrate ourselves. You’re the party, the guest and the host when it comes to self-love; I hope you know that. I hope you consider some barely-theres despite the dark of winter. I hope you wear something soothing and pretty and I hope you go take a photo of yourself in it. Because you’re so incredibly beautiful. But what I say doesn’t hold much weight because girl, you have to tell it to yourself, everyday.


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