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summer has arrived

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer skipped right into town, suddenly. And here we are, from one day to the next, the sun is hot enough to cross the street for the shade, my energy levels are propelled solely by the industrial fan I have propped up by my desk , when really all I want to do is lay in the sand somewhere. But with the sun came other things too, my typical thrist for adventure, which has unexpectedly been offset, only slightly however,  by a man. I never saw it coming. I have no idea how long it will last, experience has taught me most of turnings of my heart are a quick flip and that’s it. And yet, I’ve been calling off  my vague summer plans with the men I keep around for fun ; there’s a toothbrush that is not mine on my bathroom sink and all the while, whenever there’s a quiet moment and really, there’s been so few as of late, but when one comes around, I sit and think ; wait, but what happened? And HOW? I’m struggling a little, I won’t lie. After almost two years of trying and giving up on men, it’s a litle hard to accept one at all. I suppose I’m too jaded and yet, this heat makes it hard to think straight. I’m a very emotional woman and it’s hard for me not to run wild with whatever I’m feeling, be it the good or the bad. But hey, whatever happens, happens and whatever will be, will be a great story. I’ve been through enough dissapointment to know I can survive another. And that is as beautiful and strong as it is pessimistic. In other news, I’m running away to Cadaques this weekend with my best friend and biba for a few days of calm. It’s been that crazy kind of busy where my mind is scattered, too cluttered, I’m constantly doing 3 things at once to finally feel like I’ve accomplished nothing at all. I’m sure you know that kind of mania, it’s utter madness and it’s been hard to take a step back workwise. And then there’s this man. I’ve had a lot of family swoop in and out of town too. Not to mention, the seasonal distractions of summer, my ridiculous priority to be as tan as ever, as well as wrestling unpaid invoices into vacations here, there and anywhere. I’m sure you already know, but summer 2017 was the best of my life and I’m worried this one might pass me by if I’m not conscious, it’s already late June – soon it will be July and where is time vanishing too? And what will this season bring? I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m busy but most of all, I’m pretty sweaty. Once again, I decided to skip paying the 1000 euros it would cost to fix my air con, because what a dull way to spend 4 figures but also, that’s an entire vacation and damn do I need one of those!

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing white broderie anglaise top, pretty little thing white

lace tiered maxi skirt & pretty little thing clear block strappy heeled sandals

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