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my kind of christmas sweater(s)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas themed sweaters? Not my thing, I’ll blame Bridget Jones. However normal knitwear sans the likes of reindeer or jingly slogans? I like them, in fact it’s usually all I’ll wear in the days leading up to and after Christmas. I have been scurrying through these final days of the work year as well as frantically gift shopping and skipping to festive events in these two enormous yet delicious off-shoulder knits. I had so many questions about both of them on instagram stories so decided to feature them here in all their cosy glory. I prefer big sweaters, big enough for 2. Why the fashion world ever decided to design tight knitwear baffles me. Pulling on a sweater should feel like a hug. There are many advantages to the big sweater: room to breathe after over-eating, warmth resembling the comfort of a blanket, and my favourite: long enough to avoid the ‘she forgot to put on pants’ fear that comes with my solid love for leggings and desire to wear them everyday at any and every given moment. So all in all, I say, skip the mistletoe themed knit, I advocate for one of these instead: which unlike anything festive, you can still wear come January. And let’s face if there’s a month when loose clothing is crucial, it should surely be January. Am I right or am I right?

what i’m wearing: primark off shoulder sweaters,
primark monochrome kitten heels & primark leggings

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