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Like a Lady

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Well friends, it hasn’t been my week. I so wanted these first days of September to be what they normally are, sharp with clarity and brimming with energy for my work. But I’ve had to push ‘auto pilot’ on this week, I’m doing what needs to be done but without the determined focus the start of this season usually brings. Oh well, my mind will uncloud by next week, and while it’s cloudy up here I’ll refrain from writing anything lengthy.

I don’t have many words in me right now, it’s one of those spells where all I can manage is an instagram caption and even that takes a 20 minute blankless stare at the wall in my office. But there’s so much ahead, I promise and Paris, I am almost desperate to be there now. But until then, I’ll leave you with this beautiful silk dress, in the perfect autumnal colour that I slipped on for no reason other than I needed to feel like a woman, well dressed with a strong mind.

what i’m wearing: jonathan simkhai fluid silk dress, alma louis vuitton bag via designer exchange & louis vuitton heels

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