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Summer, Fading

Monday, August 26, 2019

Summer is surely the season we tend to tuck all our dreams into, of airplane tickets and bikini crammed suitcases en route to beaches yet unknown, of handsome men on boats perhaps, of long conversations at dusk over large icy glasses of wine, the resolution to finally pay a visit to that old friend who lives somewhere idyllic in Tuscany… the dreams we store away and save all year for summer are infinite. And that’s what the season has always encapsulated for me ; infinite possibility. For that reason alone it will always be the best season, and yet, this year? I’m not so sad to see it go. Most of my more whimisical dreams were squandered by work, and while I’m happy for that, I am also rather mystified as to how the months of June, July AND August managed to slip by so quickly, so quietly and…so suddenly.

And yet here we are, on the brink of September, which is why  I suppose I felt compelled to post my favourite beachside photos from this season. It was around 8 am on the typically tourist laden beach of Barceloneta, where I wore this one piece and marvelled at just how magically it hid my menstrual bloating. Any swimsuit capable of such a thing surely holds some sort of superpower. And speaking of superpowers? I am hoping to swiftly acquire some of my own as I saunter into a September with a workload so large, so multi-faceted, so bold…I have no idea even where to start.


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