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The Vintage Vespa

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

One of the reasons I’m determined to keep this website alive is because instagram doesn’t feel like enough of an outlet for the photos I take. In just a few hours, already they are irrelevant. I hope my photos will live longer here and perhaps you’ll come back and look at them again. These vintage vespa photos are symbolic to me because not only do they feature my best friend Marta, they also marked the very beginning of my brand Audrey Leighton Vintage. We are already in the midst of curating  collection 6 and I cannot believe how much we’ve learnt, grown and accomplished in just 6 months.

These were taken back in November 2018, when I had not even 1 suitcase of stock – the pieces we are wearing here, would a few weeks later be part of our first collection, which sold out in under an hour. It’s funny too because ever since I was a child, I’ve gone vintage shopping and sourcing with my Mom, who before me, went with her mother. I still remember my grandmother bestowing strange gifts upon me, antique things, that back then I didn’t much understand. I do wish she could see me now. I know, regardless of whether my brand was a success or not, she would be proud. As for my mother, she dressed my brothers and I almost exclusively in old vintage children’s pieces she found. And today, she is still helping me immensely when it comes to finding treasures all over the world for Audrey Leighton Vintage. And while photography and writing are passions I found on my own, this love of vintage? It was passed down to me, a love I learnt by blood and here I am, the third generation. Another crazy lady with too many things at home she found in the most unexpected places. Just like my grandmother and just like my mother. Which leads me to this, never ignore the passions that live in your family, because one day? They might be yours too.

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