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A Creative Whim

Monday, April 8, 2019

A series of photos I took on a creative whim. My whims are infrequent but when they come? I’m swept away, it’s like a wind, I’m suddenly very determined to capture a very specific shot. And it can be both challenging and frustrating to mirror what I mentally imagine into an actual photograph. It’s almost like wrestling my imagination into something real, and while it can take more time than I’d like, usually I get there in the end.

Ofcourse, the antique ice bucket was the epicentre of this whim, and naturally, I needed a bottle of wine, but one with a perfect, beautiful label. So, I had to scan the supermarket for that. And then came the glasses- something ‘I could imagine Diana Vreeland sipping from’ is what I had decided in my head. I then, remembered the vintage ones in my cupboard and spent near half an hour finding them. And then finally, a door, preferably one where my black dress and body would be shadowed. So my photo assistant and I clipped down a few blocks, heels on and ice bucket dangling in hand. We found a door I loved and spent close to an hour photographing my whim from all angles. These here are my favourite shots, and yes, exactly how I had imagined in my head. Fulfilling a creative whim? It’s incredibly satisfying. I hope I will do it again, and again and again.


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