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Friday, May 11, 2018

I adore any kind of vintage vehicle, I’d take a beat up retro car over a ferrari, always. And whenever I see one parked somewhere in Barcelona, I run over like a child and immediately start assessing it’s best photographic angles. I once saw a cream convertible parked on the most beautiful  street corner, sadly I was walking Biba and without camera and cute outfit, but I still dream of running into it again, somewhere. The older I get, the less enticed I am by anything ‘modern’, one of the reasons I will likely always remain in Europe is for it’s history, visible everywhere even on a quick dash to the supermarket ;  and on my way back from the gym every night I’m confronted by majestic ancient buildings.  I love all the old people everywhere, and I even don’t mind them clogging up the sidewalks with their slow feet. And the shop front logos that should have been replaced years ago but beautifully never were. I’ll take the terrible smells on the crumbling streets and you all know how much I adore a good, sturdy old door. I’m forever hanging whatever handbag on them wherever I go. And them there’s this thirst to go see more of old Europe, but the ritzy, old glamour…the south of Italy, the south of France. I want to wear all the silk scarves in my hair, the old musty clothes I find for a few euros at flea markets, and I dream of cruising down coast roads in an old convertible. I want to recline on a few of those retro striped sun loungers. I’d like to have lunch at Cap du Eden Roc in a big hat and even bigger earrings. And eat pasta over the sea in Capri.  I suppose all it took were these photos by this old van for me to share this infatuation of mine that  has always been there but recently returned to me like a love I’d overlooked. . And yes, perhaps you can tell,  I’ve looked at hundreds of Slim Aarons photographs, yearning to be in those moments rather than my own. Or at least recreate some this summer instead. More than ever I am drawn to everything vintage and I really hope I can play homage to that this season and all the seasons beyond.

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing black button up shift dress, pretty little thing black oval
retro sunglasses, pretty little thing black flatform espadrilles & pretty little thing black ring bag

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