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My Makeup Heroes

Thursday, April 4, 2019

When it comes to makeup, I’m undeniably a minimalist. My makeup education was forced upon me in  France, after 3 years at university where the girls wore makeup thicker than their winter coats, it was refreshing to finally see a city where a very natural look was still appreciated. Paris taught me ‘less is more’ when it comes to makeup and it’s been my  mantra ever since. I do love a good bronzer and perhaps a clumsy slick of eyeliner if I’m expected somewhere fancy but otherwise, I prefer to keep it simple. And so, I thought I’d share my four makeup heroes ; I could travel across the world with these alone (and a pot of coconut oil) – they are beautiful, so glowy and very natural.

armani la crema nuda

In a rush yesterday, straight from the gym and with 15 minutes to get ready to meet friends, I quickly applied a generous dose of this to my entire face and neck. And then I stopped in my very frantic tracks to marvel at how incredible my skin looked. Now, I’ve only used it twice but I am already comfortable in claiming that this is indeed my makeup product of all time. I don’t ever wear foundation, always opting for a CC cream mixed with a generous dose of moisturizer. And this is the most natural, glowy version of that combination – it’s a very light coverage but with an incredible amount of colour – essentially it’s a bronzer- moisturizer duo all in one. It soaks into the skin in the way a good moisturizer should but also adds what I can only describe as a ‘full day in the sun’ radiance. It’s pure magic and I can promise it’s all I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life. I use shade 05 ‘Warm Glow’.

lancome hypnose mascara

I was blessed with good skin but I am severely lacking in the eyelash department, this is especially strange considering the alarming pace at which my eyebrows can grow into one. So, I need a sturdy, relatively thick mascara. I’ve tried them all, when women yelled at me ‘TOO FACED’, I went and blew 28 euros on that, and then there is the ‘BENEFIT They’re Real’ cult, that somewhat impressed me but not enough to join long-term.  Lancome’s Hynose is my favourite. It makes my tiny lashes look grand. It doesn’t flake off or streak when I laugh (or cry). There’s a reason Hypnose has been on the market for 15 years and that’s because it’s reliable. Thick, inky, rich black – and yet still very natural looking. I’m calling this mascara my makeup bag’s best friend; always there, always supportive, always ready to help me out when I need.

chanel les beiges healthy glow luminous colour

I love a healthy glow. It’s my favourite look and that’s precisely what sold me at the Chanel counter last summer when I wandered in looking for a ‘fancy bronzer’. It was a bad day and I needed cheering up. I did leave happier but I also accidentally found my favourite bronzer of all time. This is my third compact and there will be a fourth fairly soon because I adore bronzer. I am unashamedly obsessed with looking tan. And this one so beautifully sweeps onto the skin, if sun rays could be captured and turned into powder, I’m sure they’d live inside this Chanel bronzer. It’s beautiful! And, bonus point: it has none of that ridiculous glitter so many bronzers insist on – just a natural dark glow. I use the ‘deep shade’.

armani liquid a- highlight

Highlighter to my face is what coffee is to my mind. I rely on it when I’m tired or overworked, which is most of time. I prefer a liquid version because it feels like liquid gold, but also it’s easier for me to apply. Just a few dabs on my cheekbones, around my eyes, lips and I’m good to go. The Armani a-highlight (shade 10) is the perfect, pale gold – it really lights up against tanned skin, and it stays intact all day but what I love most? The liquid itself is very light, very thin in consistency, which means while it does deliver a serious glow, it’s still very natural looking.


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