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my summer makeup

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My ideal makeup is next to none ; dewy, hydrated skin, a deep, golden tan and a generous  streak of highlighter. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to makeup but I must say, I’ve rather proud of this look I created. Call me Frassy BEAUTY GURU, actually no don’t ; that is far too much pressure for a woman absolutely incapable of  winged eyeliner. Mine is more of an artful smear but I’m okay with that because I plan to wear zero eye makeup this summer. Sunglasses instead on a beach, a pool or aboard a boat. Please and thank you. And so,  I thought I’d compile everything I’ve been  wearing on my face as the weather warms up. I’ll be relying on this rota of products all summer long.  I’ve included some skincare too, they are key to my no foundation, au naturel summer look. And finally, I should disclose that this in no way sponsored, just personal, honest beauty loves!

eve lom radiance face oil:

I sunbathe a lot which means my skin needs an incredible dose of moisture, this rich and thick in antioxidants facial oil is BEAUTIFUL. I have very dry skin which can often go patchy, and at worst, flaky etc – however a few drops of this every night leaves my skin so dewy by morning. It’s super potent which means a bottle last a very long time.

niod multi-molecular hyaluronic complex:

This is the 3rd time I’ve featured this product, and if that can’t convince you to invest then I don’t know what will. You are all very aware of my infatuation  with the wonderful molecule known as HYALURONIC ACID. I swear by the stuff, we are officially in a long term relationship. I drink it, I have it injected in my lips, I’ve even started taking it in supplement pill form too. This is hands down the best version on the market, I am on my 5th bottle. A few drops every night before mosturizing has performed magic, MAGIC I TELL YOU to my skin.

niod lip bio-lipid concentrate:

This is a new discovery of mine, and it’s quickly replaced coconut oil for my nightly lip care routine. It’s a moisturizing lipid, otherwise known as a fat, one drop across your lips and they are plumped and glossy. I  use this alongside Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Lip Balm, which is by far the best  lip balm I have ever tried. It’s thick, long lasting and effective – plus it looks lovely layered on top of a matte lipstick.

chanel soleil du tan:

Another product I’ve featured time and time again over the years. It’s basically half powder, half foundation but it blends beautifully for a low coverage bronzed look. I won’t use this daily ; usually only in the evenings if I’m going out and I use a minimal amount.

givenchy bouncy highlighter:

This is the best highligher I’ve ever used! My preferred shade is 01 ; African Light Gold. It’s a spongy mousse, which I clumsily apply with my fingertips, usually across the top of my cheekbones and my cupid’s bow. In my opinion, it’s the perfect summer highlighter. I love it, I’m obsessed and I wear way, way too much of it.

mac matte honeylove lipstick:

This has been my favourite lipstick for over 5 years now. I buy it in bulk and I could happily only wear honeylove  for the rest of my life. It’s a matte, barely there nude – yet still creamy and rich. It’s gorgeous, I love it ; buy it and thank me later.

givenchy prisme blush:

I’ve always steered clear of blush, always opting for bronzer instead, however this one by Givenchy changed my mind. I’m using shade 09: African Earth which  resembles what I can only describe as a ‘day on the beach’. It’s a rosy, terracotta brown alongside a golden bronze and the two together work to create a very subtle, sunkissed colour.

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