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For the Love of Le Labo

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There are some brands that are special to me, in one solid hand I clutch at Diptyque and in the other, there is Le Labo. For a while now, I wanted to honour the brand in some way, bringing together all it evokes for me: which is summer at the beach and those balmy early evenings at home after a day by the shore. Those showers in the summer are perhaps one of my favourite sensations in this life; skin raw but glowing with the sun, water washing all the sand away and outside, the beginnings of a summer night drifting in like a breeze. By dusk, you’re clean, fresh and watching the sunset with a glass of wine. Nothing on earth can trump that almost inexplicable summer feeling which is mental as much as it is physical. I brought Le Labo with me every time I went to Ibiza last summer, the bottles sit empty on my vanity now: labels faded and scratched by the sand. And so this is simply something I wanted to photograph for creativity’s sake and because there was a lull in work and with the weather heating up, I thought, why not now. So in the space of two hours, I was knee deep in sand, waves and then back at home with a towel on my head in the shower. When I tell you I love these four products, I don’t say it lightly ; I adore them. The combination of all 4 and in sequence is a slice of bliss; first, the face mask, then, the body scrub followed by the most beautiful shower oil and a splash of Santal to finish. Le Labo is expensive that I can’t deny, but their products are such beautiful quality, owning them feels decadent and using them is an occasion.  I hope the photos can speak for themselves.  I’m ready for the summer memories I’ll later associate with this  shower ritual. I cannot wait. My heart is so full for the months ahead, I could implode.

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