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an energy shift

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Okay, I’ll be honest, if asked to define ‘energy’, I’d struggle to give an eloquent definition and yet I believe in it.Energy-wise something shifted this weekend, a tension broke after a full day of grey, grey rain and minor things aligned or cracked to an end, not just for me but a few friends too. I’d say this is truly the beginning of spring, but also the universe accelerating into the best summer yet. I can feel it in the air. I feel lighter, more fluid and more willing to go any direction in the months ahead. I’ll be honest, for a minute there, I thought I wanted a relationship this year, but with this spring in my step, a plethora of opportunity before me and ambitious travel plans, I’m again, unconvinced on the boyfriend front. I’d like one but not just anyone and every man I meet feels like another ‘anyone’. Everyone I know in a relationship, complains consistently to me. This always makes me grateful for my easy, drama free life; the double bed all to myself, the fact I can skip out at night with whoever I want, whenever I want and a routine, absolutely flexible at the seams, involving no one except Biba and let me tell you, she is very easily pleased. It’s been over a year of collecting stories with all kinds of different men and to put that on hold would seem like a boring way to live. There would be no narrative left. And I hate to admit this, but I’d miss it. I don’t believe the experiences I’ve shared with men to mean less because they didn’t culminate in an ‘I love you’, I’m just living a less conventional kind of love story, one that begins and end with myself. I don’t want to tangle myself in someone else until they are pure magic. However I’m happy too making my own magic. Until then, there is so much adventure waiting, not so much because I have epic plans ahead but because of how I feel. Certain moods attract experience, certain moods create magic – and that my friends right there is energy. And like I said, it shifted this weekend and we are moving into something, whatever it is, we will soon find out.

what i’m wearing: danity star printed aranka dress

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