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a parka unlike the others

Friday, September 23, 2016

what i’m wearing: desigual exotic jeans black parka jacket, glamorous ripped skinny jeans, black python chanel bag, primark fringe boots & forever 21  flat aviator sunglasses


At 27, my coat collection is rather expansive. It took all of my twenties to acquire too many, I am a blogger after all ; a constant supply of clothing is the equivalent of let’s say, included health insurance in other professions. Truth be told, I foolishly maintain a storage space in Paris too, hosting an entire wave of coats, all of which collapse into an Everest sized heap as soon as I open the door in that strange warehouse nestled away in the Marais. I have all the classics, the lifers I call them – from the pea coats to the butter soft suedes to the wool collared specimens. The mohairs are a clan of their own, in every colour imaginable and puffy in a not so flattering, but absolutely fun way. Blazers, colour coded hang in almost duplicates in my closet. Last spring I developed an affinity for the bomber and have since collected a shameful assortment of those too. Leathers in inky colours, most of which are too cool for a chump like me; but I keep them anyway. I dislike tights, scarves seem sad yet coats are my winter favourite. I must have inherited this outerwear obsession from my father, a man who entirely disregards fashion, lives in the south of Spain, a place adored for it’s very mild winters ; and yet he has an enormous closet of beautiful coats he never wears. But of all the coats and all the stories I could share of times when my shoulders were beneath one, today’s dedication comes in the form of the parka – a style I fiercely overlooked. I blame my rejection on the fact that it was favored by the mean kids who bullied me at high school. Quite like blue eyeshadow or cheap body spray, these sorts of things remind me of cruel academic banter I’d rather forget. But at almost 30 those monobrow, bully dodging days are far behind me, so why not I thought; why not give the neglected parka a shot? It seemed unfair to include every other kind in my coat repertoire, and I was confident I could wear one better than those girls at school. But enough about them, they’ve had many a mention here. Just please remember,  if you are being bullied  it’s because you are different, and that uniqueness will benefit you tenfold later in life, I promise. And let this lovely parka hold testament to that ; not at all typical, rather curiously designed and most lovely when looked at up close. If  love for the Ibiza summer could be embodied in a winter coat, surely it would be this one ; precisely why I chose it. The bohemian embellishments are more prone to a bikini than a coat, making this parka rather exotic… a trait fairly untypical in outerwear, don’t you think? And I suppose on a final note, I should explain my hair -I embellished with  a few extra inches – a decision motivated mostly by the impending necessity of scarves. I am hoping the longer length will mean I can lay off itchy layers of wool around my neck. We will see…

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