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neutrals & a camel fedora

Monday, October 17, 2016

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing camel sleeveless longline jacket, cream side tie vest, camel high waisted culottes & camel wide fedora
what i’m wearing: pretty little thing burgundy wrap dress, khaki waterfall trench, camel wide fedora & faux suede thigh high boots in stone

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing beige waterfall overcoat, taupe wrap buckle jumpsuit, camel wide fedora & nude double strapped sandals

Two obvious conclusions surfaced after editing these photos: I can’t stop wearing Pretty Little Thing and I’ve developed an undeniable penchant for this camel fedora, which I also have in khaki. It actually comes with a black ribbon but I slipped it off. There is something very beautiful about a plain but rigidly structured hat, which makes this one a perfect contestant for absolute.favourite.ever. If you are tired of seeing it on my head, I could apologize but I’ll be wearing it again and again, thus rendering any weak attempt at an apology totally redundant. Hey, I never claimed to be a super blogger, I’m just a girl with a rather large wardrobe but not sizable enough to never repeat wear. I always repeat wear, in fact, I repeat until I wear it out, in the same way I listen to songs. Exactly why I cannot ever listen to Justin Bieber again until he releases a new album, I can recite his lyrics better than any of Shakespeare’s sonnets I had to memorize  school. That to me, is a shame. Anyway, I ramble, let’s return to the theme at hand; neutrals. I love them, all of them, in every nuanced hue and slightly varying shade. You see, I’ve been on a bright colour-free diet for over a year, it’s not as difficult to maintain as my gluten-free stance, but all the same, you learn to find enjoyment elsewhere. Such as in the likes of spelt and rye and rice, or camel and cream and khaki. I am not only leaner but also more grown-up-chic for it too. However, I am far more likely to now be seen tucking into an enormous sandwich than I am say, to be seen in a hot pink blazer.  I guess that is evidence of which was harder to give up. Anyway, only I could braid gluten and colour free into something which I fear is not coherent. As damn Justin would say; ‘what do you mean?” Not even I know, so let  me end this here with these favourite neutral ensembles by Pretty Little Thing worn by yours truly. And you already know, I’ve worn these on repeat.


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