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a christmas gift guide

Sunday, December 10, 2017

a gift list curated by yours truly

It’s a subject we all delve into as bloggers, what to buy as Christmas gifts. Truth be told, I am terrible at shopping for this season. I come from a family where I am the sole member enthralled by material goods. My brothers live in Berlin and are both hippies in a way that both impresses and confuses me. After my mother got her Cartier watch about two decades ago, all her material wants were completed. I usually resort to skincare but she has very sensitive skin but also favours strange organic products that smell like leaves. As for my father after retiring has adopted the lifestyle of a farmer, a man far more likely to get excited about a dozen homegrown eggs than a new leather wallet. He will wear his hiking boots even when he shows up in Barcelona to see me. So like every year I am stumped when it comes to shopping for the collection of iincredible weirdos I call my family. Don’t get me wrong I love how bohemian they are, in many ways they balance me and my never-ending list of wants that I usually will try to claim as needs. But, they essentially want nothing and yet at almost 30 it no longer feels acceptable to write my parents ‘poems’ and gift my brothers tins of crumbly homemade cookies I haphazardly baked. However as we inch towards the 25th, those gift options are indeed looking like a better and better idea. So let’s just say these presents aren’t for them but if you are anything like me or your loved ones are anything like me, then I’d say these are solid contestants for best gift ever. They are sophisticated, thoughtful and far better than a pair of damn socks or the box of chocolate we all seem to receive.

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Perfume is always a safe option, however I prefer to veer away from the same olds at Sephora, which is why I chose to include Le Labo’s Ambrette ; the perfect deep winter scent but also by far, one of the most luxurious perfume brands around.  I do adore when products already come beautifully boxed, making the task of wrapping so much easier ; simply stick it  into a gift bag with an ‘artfully’ crumpled sheet of tissue paper or two.  Jewellery, perhaps perfume’s counterpart in classic gift options : I suggest a classic set of gold hoops, these are 60 euros from Net-a-Porter by Kenneth Jay Lane. Or for a more unexpected choice, a duo of Astrid & Miyu’s delicate pearl ear cuffs. I included the Fujifilm Instax camera in last year’s gift guide but I had to include it in again because its one of those amazing products that most people aren’t likely to buy themselves but will love and use. As a photographer, I had to include Infiki’s photo printing services: you can select directly via instagram or manual upload; they come in delicious stacks which can be tied up with some ribbon and a bow.  We are all photographing everything around us however most of us don’t own any of these photos in a real non-digital format; so it’s a lovely, thoughtful gift. The Case Factory recently gifted me one of their leather, monogrammed iphone cases and I adore it so much I had to include it here. I’d be thrilled to receive this for Christmas, it’s luxurious and a real statement accessory, like a little leather jacket for your phone. You all know I am a candle-obsessive, and so I am happy to showcase a new discovery of mine ; the decadent L’Objet -a brand brimming with exquisite homewares including the most richly scented candles and incense. I fell for their Oh Mon Dieu collection, especially the open lip incense holder. All three combined make for a premium gift and again, one I’d be very happy to unwrap under the tree. As for designer goods, the Yves Saint Laurent cardholder is the classic, fail safe gift. Most women would love one of these. However for something a little more unique, I’d suggest a vintage bag – this 1980s Gucci was only 100 euros and I’d fill this with Lindt chocolates before wrapping. I couldn’t forget beauty, mostly because it’s all I seem to spend my money on these days; a cosmetic bag with a selection of essentials is a lovely idea and one I will definitely be gifting to some of my friends. Tan Luxe, The Ordinary, Niod and Ouai are brands that have impressed me this year, so I’d include those – however the selection really depends on who you’re shopping for. Festive booze should always be classy, my absolute favourites this season so far are Luc Belaire’s Luxe Champagne and Miraval’s Provence Rose. I’d accompany the bottle with some pretty glasswear from Zara Home or Anthropologie. Add a bow and you’re good to go. And finally, my biggest love: BOOKS. This enormous Chanel hardback is stunning, and one I’ve poured over many times, I’d say this would be a delightful gift for the majority of women. For those more literature-prone, a hearty bundle of Penguin Classics is a good idea, especially if you select some of their more unusual titles. My father always taught me to write on the inside of a gifted book, so make sure you do that, it’s such a lovely touch.


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