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wedding wear

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Well it is indeed WEDDING season,  and while it’s unlikely I’ll ever be a bride, wedding invitations are always welcomed. What’s better than being asked to dress up, attend a party and drink copious amounts champagne? Nothing I tell you, nothing is better, especially because Elton John is almost always played. Tiny Dancer and the possibility of a chocolate fountain?! I’m there with bells on. And at almost 30, my wedding experiences have officially started, some of my beautiful friends have indeed tied the knot. This summer, I have a trio to attend and I’ll admit I’ve only ever attended one before, in Paris; a very casual affair by the seine, mostly featuring a food truck where I begged the owner to let me get behind the grill for a photo, which is still somewhere on facebook.

what i’m wearing: little mistress white lace jumpsuit, little mistress paper dolls yellow daisy crochet dress & little mistress girls on film navy midi dress

However, the weddings I’ve been invited to this year are a slightly more formal affair. And it dawned on me when I glanced at all 3 invites stuck to the fridge that I had no idea what to wear. As a wedding attendee novice, I felt a little mystified and that is how this post came to be, a dress rehearsal, so to speak alongside Little Mistress for the wedding guest experiences to come. I think all 3 are ideal, rather fuss-free but sophisticated all the same. Easily dressed up or down depending on level of fancy, from food truck all the way up to lake como. Perfect too for meeting the plethora of very handsome single men I am anticipating at these events and to celebrate the love of my friends, ofcourse.


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