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Thursday, November 11, 2010



Wearing: Vintage Shearling Coat, H&M; Hat, Converse Shoes, Rokit Scarf . Praticality overides aesthetic here- I spent the whole day walking in the rain!

Well, I’m finally here in Paris, which is officially my new home. Searching out an apartment and trying to tackle ordering “cafe au lait” without sounding like a complete douche is about all I have been doing. But as well as drastically improving my tarnished A Level French, I need to seriously up my sartorial game…these french ladies are superheroes when it comes to dressing for cold weather. Stilletos and platform boots darting down slippery pavements and rainy skies? As much as I love fashion, I’ve been donning a collection of brogues and converse, but from what I can see, that might have to change, along with my current eating habits…too much tarte tartin and buttery omelettes, oh mon dieu!


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