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love to lounge

Sunday, August 2, 2015

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At home in primark’s ‘love to lounge’ line -simple robes that drape & tie so comfortably.


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As you might have seen over on snapchat, I love to lounge. Sitting at home, liberated by the cage we call a bra and free of the mask we call makeup, this is where I am happiest. I am a total homebody. At 25, I traded my weekend social life in for nights at home, quiet evenings that roll into weekend mornings that stretch all the way to Sunday bedtime. Parties make me anxious and I don’t enjoy drinking much either, which is how I would previously deal with social anxieties at gatherings. Home is also my best friend Biba’s little kingdom, the 100 metres squared that mark my apartment are where she reigns. And wherever she is, I like to be too because together we are happiest. Funny how my love for Biba has made so much of the human interaction I used to crave, feel rather pointless. I don’t feel the need to converse with most people, small talk has always made me roll my eyes and as for men, well I’d rather go to the gym than on an awkward date. So home really is where I like to be most. I like to wake up at 7 am and drink coffee in the almost sunlight of my kitchen. I like to haul all my makeup out to my dining room table and sit there with Biba as I try to make myself look less tired. And my grey parquet floors, ideal for books and coffee and guilty pleasure TV shows – and as always, with Biba by my side. Pyjamas have featured on Frassy a few times but not sufficiently considering I mostly  prefer to spend time in sleepwear and a lot of that time is spent in fact, not sleeping. And as for my summer favourite loungewear so far? These 3 robes that drape and tie so comfortably. They also conveniently match the colour scheme of my apartment. Each is only 10 euros from Primark, this is important. Important because a mountain of good books & quality ground coffee should be very high on your lounging shopping list, neither of which, and I speak from overspending experience, is cheap!


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