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biba, me & celine

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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Biba & I are wearing Cèline Dark Havana – Brown Degradè Sunglasses
& Cèline Blue Beige Havana – Brown Degradè via Smartottica


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Girls! I got a present! My designer acquisitions are few and far between so this UPS delivery made me pretty happy. And like all the fun parts of my life, I thought I’d share this one with you too. Smartottica, an Italian sunglasses brand, selling all the lovelies from Dior to Tom Ford, speed shipped these two pairs of Celine shades I’ve coveted for a long time now straight to my doorstep here in Barcelona. Now I know most bloggers have at least of trio of Celine sunglases in their wardrobes, but as you know, I don’t really shop. I rarely buy things for myself, except books for my brain and food for my body. So quite genuinely, I was thrilled to receive these, my sunglasses obsession is undeniable. And so this morning, Biba and I tried my new presents on and as usual, posed for some photos. She always looks cuter than me, all the photos I have of her are exceptional. Perhaps, I’m biased, or more hopefully, perhaps canine photography is my real calling in life. There are so many books I want to write and photograph, my latest idea? Dogs in Sunglasses. It certainly wouldn’t win any prizes but a good coffee table, I know, it would be. But enough of my book ideas, I yearn for the time to embark on all these ridiculous hardback projects of mine, one day, I hope. Until then, what a cute morning we had together, there was coffee and sunlight streaming through the windows – all perfect for a quick photoshoot against the white walls of my home I love so much. I don’t believe in retail therapy at all , but the generous act of  a present? Well those I graciously accept and this one made my day.


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