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a trio & a classic

Thursday, August 6, 2015

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a dress i love on a street i love, accessorised with timeless creative worries

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Oasis dresses fit my body well, I always silently salute the brand when I pull one on. As a proud size 10 (or EU 40) I have hips and too many leg muscles for a thigh gap, making a lot of the tighter options rather uncomfortable and wholly unflattering. But Oasis seem to have the hourglass woman in mind and I cherish that. And this one? This one reminds of Charlotte Olympia, not the brand but the designer herself. Perhaps she and the brand are synonymous but I love the clothes she wears (as well as her shoes). I find the people behind the brands I admire far more fascinating than the products they sell. How did they start? What do they eat for breakfast? Are they inspired by books, if so which ones? Do they stay up late or get up really early? Funny, how as a girl with almost anti-social-leaning-towards-loner tendencies, I am still so fascinated by people – but I’m pretty picky as to where my curiosity lands. Not pretty people, not popular people, I tend to only be nosy when it comes to creativity. I know I’m a creative person, I know this. So it is the writers, the designers, the photographers  that intrigue me. I guess this zealous curiousity is born from what I’ll call, a trio of emotions: anxiety, insecurity as well as an ongoing yearning to achieve something I am confident is truly creative. I am still writing this book of mine – a book so far no one wants to publish. And between the book struggles and blogging full time, sometimes I cannot help but fear that this creative peak might always be two steps too far away, always close but somewhere in the distance. It’s a worry I wear like earrings, nestled on both sides of my brain and tangled in my hair. Oh well,  it won’t stop me from trying… I’ve been in search of  creativity ever since my first English Literature class at 15, giving up now would be a sin. And perhaps, possibly, these earrings of worry, well maybe they suit me? I might even go as far as claiming them classic, because what’s creativity without the process, without the struggle? Right?


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