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Thursday, August 25, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Stradivarius Pink Blazer & Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet,  
Zara Neon Yellow Tank, H&M; Leopard Shorts, ASOS Sunglasses & Sandals, 
Urban Outfitters Studded Bucket Bag, Frassy Rags Arty Ring &Michael; Kors Watch.
Spent most of the day lounging by our pool, listening to this and this: two of my favourite summer songs. Fluro colours (such as this tank) really accentuate a tan, huh? I’m uhh almost glowing (maybe excessively?!) But let me talk about this pulled back pony-tail: so perfect for summer, its super easy and keeps all your hair out of your face so your forehead stays cool (nothing more annoying than a sweaty forehead) If any of you guys are on vacay, give this ponytail a try- I don’t usually discuss hairstyles (primarily because I know nothing about them) but my long hair can often be such a pain in the heat – and this pulled back, almost wet look is so effective in keeping me sweat-free and summer happy! More tomorrow! Summer is drawing to an end, so absorb all the energy and sunshine you can out of it while it lasts!


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